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Spending the boring 10 minutes
  Hi. I'm a little boring here, waiting for the last file to download so I can off my laptop. I have around 10 minutes. What brings me here? Nahh. Just got a spam of NYC on my facebook with a bit of Jump. Doing some comparisons base on types of guy I like :P

  I've picked a random of 5 pairs:

YUTTI!! <3

Yama-chan! :D

Keitty XD

Daichan obviously!

Inooooooo :P

  I haven't seen Jump in their full real identity, so I'm doing this by what I've seen on screen. So ya, don't expect me to have a perfect reason to choose. But still, if you want to know the reason, you can ask me. I'm just too lazy to list out everything and 10 minutes isn't enough for that.

   Thankyou :)


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