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Scrap Teacher with English Subtitles
Looking for Scrap Teacher? And what leads you here?

I joined as a JUMP fan just a year ago, so looking for ST is just so hard for me. 95% of the links are dead mostly because they are uploaded ages ago. I wanted a copy for myself so badly until I went searching it in DVD stores. And you see, most of the store just don't sell them. I spend exactly one whole year looking for it. But lucky me, I finally found it in a DVD store when I was on an outstation trip with my friends. End of the story.

Now, I understand how you feel when you are on your way here. So I won't make it too tough for you. I want to keep the fandom alive. I want to have as many people as possible supporting JUMP. I want them to watch this drama for it's dedicated to JUMP fans. I want them to cherish the feeling of supporting JUMP. So here it is. I uploaded it but there's RULES for this.

1. NO HOTLINK. I believe it's not that hard to link them here because I don't lock this post.
2. NO RE-UPLOAD/POST ANYWHERE. I don't want to deal with copyright problems so DON'T make me do so.

(c) watermark

1. This is the version I'm having. But I'm only ripping it with English Subs.

2. Click the picture to link you to the downloads.

3. Ask me for the decryption key. I don't bite.
Leave a comment for me to send you the decryption key. It's not necessary to join LJ to leave a comment.
LJ users: Please make sure your inbox setting allows me to send you a message.
Non LJ users: Simply leave an email address so that I can send you the decryption key.
I'll be screening all the comments so no worries.

4. It requires HJSplit to join the files.
Tutorial Here.
Don't get it? Here.
Still don't get it? Video here.

5. As for MEGA, tutorial Here.

6. I hope that you put a little effort to show that you are really supporting JUMP.

7. This is my first time doing the uploading work. Sorry for all the mistakes I made.

8. Credit goes to whoever it is, but I still take the effort to rip and upload. So a ThankYou is most welcome :)

Lastly, ENJOY~! :D

Edited on 9th March 2015: After one and a half year, I think I'm having some problems with the links and mega, because I'm not as active as before on lj. So, we will be skipping the decryption key part but you all will still have to join the files to watch the videos. Sorry for all the trouble. Sorry for those who waited for months but still doesn't get a reply from me. Gomen.

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hai!!!! aaahhh so nice to find your journal, because quimby-chan refer your journal..

i am eka, btw, from indonesia. and my condition is same with you, i become JUMP fan since one year ago too, and it's really hard to find scrap teacher..

and hontou ni arigatou for sharing it in your LJ...really appreciate it :D

and, can you give me the description key?? please..#puppy eyes attack#

arigatou na~ :D

and..ah i am almost forget..i will follow the rules, not hot-link and re-upload at anywhere (indeed because even i don't understand how to do it), so it's impossible for me to re-upload..hehe

thanks :D

Decryption key sent :)


hello!!!!!!!!!!! at last i found a link for ST!!! XD can Ihave the description key? I promise to follow your rules cause that would be my thanks for you uploading it XD THANKS

Sorry for replying so late. It's been so long I never check on lj. Please do as said in no.3. I couldn't send you a message. ThankYou :)

Thank you very much for sharing!
I will wait patiently for the decryption key! X3

Hi! thanks for this!! i'm so happy that you whant to spead the JUMP love~
i would looove to download this but when i click the picture it shows me an empty folder in MEGA... what should i do?
thanks again =D

thank you so much!! i got how it is and i'm downloading it already XD

nice to meet you too!
my name is Jenifer
hope we can fail and spread the JUMP love together ;D

Great! This is really nice especially for JUMP fans! ENJOY!! :D

;D i will!!
and i'm so sorry to bother you but do you know where can i find the Back Stage... i know that there is one but i haven't been able to find it =,(

can you help me? *puppy eyes*
hehehe thanks again!

do you need subtitles for it?

ah! i thought all the links there were death!! *well some of the are =,(*
i'm so happy!! X3
thank you!! i'm downloading it already!! <3

im not sure about are the links working or not but i know i downloaded mine from there. haha

this one is it the episode type??
if its not can i please get the descryption key?

Yes. This is in 9 episodes :)

oHH...Can I please get the decryption key?

(Screened comment)
Thanks..but one quick question....where should I download?

The instructions and tutorial are listed in no.2 and no.5. Check back.

Ask me again if you still don't understand :)

Edited at 2013-10-02 04:20 pm (UTC)

Thank God I found your LJ~~
I have been searching like crazy for Scrap teacher

Same as you, I just started to join JUMP fan this year,
especially after watching hey say super delicate and yama-chan mystery virgin
Hope you can send me the decryption key

Thanks in advance ^^

Thanks a bunch ^^ downloading it right now~~

Okay. Hope you'll enjoy the drama :)

Oh my goodness this is wonderful! I've been searching everywhere for the last three episodes! Thank you so much for going to all this trouble! I would love to have the key, if you wouldn't mind. :) I'll definitely abide by the rules.

Thanks again so much! I really want to finish this series! :D

decryption key sent. enjoy :)

Thank you so much! I'm sure I will. :D

hi im from america and i've been looking for this drama everywhere thank you for uploading it, please send me the key

also i believe your link is dead, it is not appearing to even ask for the decryption key

Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply. I wasn't checking my lj for months. I've just checked the link, it's not dead. I've sent you the decryption key. Tell me if it's still not working.


am so glad to meet your lj!! i got a hard time looking for sites that have complete download links for scrap teacher TT-TT
can you send me the decryption key please ^-^

thank you! thank you!!

decryption key sent. Enjoy :)

hi! uwaah im looking for scrap teacher for ages >.< good thing i found it on your journal! are you still giving the description?

Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply. I wasn't checking on my lj for months. I've sent you the decrption key. I'm giving the decryption key as long as the link is not dead. Enjoy the drama :)

Edited at 2015-02-26 04:07 am (UTC)

I have been looking for this dorama for so long. All links I find are dead x.x
I'll wait for the key, if it's still available.

Hi. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I wasn't checking my lj for months. It's still available. I've sent you the key. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Thank you for sharing, been looking nearly everywhere too.

May I have the decryption key pls~? Thanks in advance ^^

Hi. Sorry to make you wait so long.I wasn't checking my lj for months. I've sent you the key. Hope you'll enjoy watching it :)


Thanks for spreading the JUMP love. I'v been searching for Scrap Teacher forever and stumbled upon your blog. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it now. Thank you!

Hi. Sorry to make you wait so long.I wasn't checking my lj for months. I've sent you the key. Hope you'll enjoy watching it :)

Hello:) I'm Arina. I'm an Indonesian people. I wanna download the dorama. But, I can't find for ep 7 and ep 9. So, when I search it, I found your journal. Oh, i'm think if i'm so late. Very late:( But, I really wanna watch it. Can you send me the decryption key? Don't worry about re-upload and hotlink. I'm in high school, but I don't know how to do it. I'm sorry if I'm disturbing your activities, and forgive me if I can't speak English well. Ok, thank you very much! :)

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