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Sweet Sweet JUMP!
Hi. Just sharing a sweet video of JUMP! :D

Video here (Sorry that I couldn't embed the video here, the code doesn't work for me)

Introduction of Story:
They were on TV for a game. Chinen made mistake twice and he was suppose to be punished. But I'm not sure what's the reason and the 'sister' got punished.  She was not quite happy with the punishment, so she blamed Chinen and tried pushing him a little.

The REASON I'm sharing:
When she pushes Chinen, he falls back a little and Yamada was just behind him. Yamada hugged him tight and was trying to tell her something like DO NOT BULLY CHINEN! They had a little argue after that but she ignored Yamada and continue pushes Chinen harder. Chinen wasn't satisfied about it and did a push back. I think she's quite angry and wanted to have a fight with Chinen.
JUMP is really sweet! The moment she came near, Yamada brings Chinen away from her and Daichan Keito was brotherly enough to protect them. Daichan Keito just looks like he wanted to settle the situation. When she failed to revenge Chinen, she started blaming Ryutaro and wanted a fight again. Yuto was quick and uses all his strength to blocked her way. Yabu and Hikaru are helping out to protect Ryutaro. Finally, the Keito Daichan got mad and pushes her hard. She ended up sliding quite a distance after she falls.

Tsk tsk. Violent Keito. Nobody shall try challenging him, really. But I think for JUMP members, it isn't a matter. The members are so important to him and Keito love each of them so much that he won't get angry at them even if they bully him. Haha. Sorry for mistaken Keito as Daichan and the other way round, but Daichan....violence is wrong. lol

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hahahaha i just LOOOVE this clip! it's so cute an funny!... so JUMP like <3
i know that Dai-chan's violence is wrong... but i still screamed "WELL DONE!!" when he pushed that woman XD

I'm like: Daichan will never forgive you for bullying his little brothers! XD

hahaha yeah! he looked so pissed!! he pushed her hard ne~
such a protective onnichan... that's lovee~ >.<

Daichan really protected his little brothers ne~

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