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[sticky post]Hi.

  1. Dreamz or Sherlynn.


  3. JUMP fan. Daiki fan.

  4. I'm NOT active on lj. So find me on Facebook.

  5. I've decided to write a new intro for my lj, finally.

  6. I don't log in lj that often now, and I found out people visited my lj because they were digging Scrap Teacher with English Subs everywhere but ended up here lol

  7. I don't care why you want to add me as friend, just ADD. About all the friend requests, I'll update it later.

  8. If you need anything but I didn't reply your PM, just email me. Because I check my email from time to time.

About Scrap Teacher: It's been 3 years, I think, since I uploaded those files. Some reported that the links are not working. Just give me few days, I'll try to settle the problems. Sorry to keep you waiting.



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