A review on Mirror Mirror
  I've got a break from school. So, I'm having my laptop on the whole day. Uploading and Downloading. I'm currently helping out in shokura for the mirrors. Well, as you can see my progress, I'm almost done with 2012 and halfway through 2011 episodes. Maybe you think that I have a fast net, yes, comparing last time when I have difficulties download-ing just one episode a day. But I still need around 20 minutes for 200MB. So what I did today to spend my time when the files are downloading, I watched Mirror Mirror.

  At first, all I thought was, it's a fairy tale after all when the story starts with the same snow white, the same prince and nevertheless, the same evil queen. And the same story goes on, the same queen-wants-to-kill-snow-white, the same queen-wants-to-marry-the-prince, the same snow-white-meet-seven-dwarfs-in-the-woods, and the same they-live-happily-ever-after. But, let me tell you what makes a movie and a fairy tale different, what makes a movie better than a fairy tale.

  The prince didn't save the princess by kissing, the princess fought the beast, the seven dwarfs didn't have a proper job but robbing those out in the woods instead, the princess went to the wedding and kidnapped the prince, and all sort of funny scenes. I'm sure you want to watch them yourself and rate it after watching, so I'm not going to spoil it. I'm rating it 7/10.

  Lastly, enjoy the movie if you are watching it :)

Need help but you can just ignore
  Oh how I misses the cold days when I first arrived at Taiwan. Those days I put my jacket on the whole day, sleep with comforter, and don't feel like getting out of bed because the warmness in my bed. I know it's suffering when it comes to a point that even you have all your jacket on but you're still feeling cold. I brought 3. I've tried having all 3 on at the same time a few times when the temperature got super low. But then, it's like a totally oven here now!

  I know the fact that it's nothing comparing to the hazy Malaysia, but I keep sweating even though all I do is sit in front of the studying table and study! I went for a cold shower in the middle of the night, just because i can't stand the sticky feeling that you had after your sweat dries up. That annoying feeling just won't go off because I sweat immediately right after I came out from the bathroom. Don't ask me 'why don't you on the air-cond?' Yes. This is definately a good question. Go ask the school and tell me why! I don't get it why they have an air-cond in our room and one of the rules are NOT to on them. TELL ME WHY??!!

  This kind of condition is driving me crazy and I got to be studying for major exams under this circumstances...OHMAIGOD. Please tell me what to do if you are kind enough and if you have an idea. Thankyou *bows*

feeling lucky as always :)
Here's something to share: http://arisu-chan25.livejournal.com/232967.html

I quite agree with everything written there. And today I'm here posting is exactly what I've been through like what is written there. I've join lj since last year November? Or December? I'm not really sure too. But that's just how the process goes. And my progress till today is feeling greatful to be able to have this goodies and appreciate what those people done for us. I'm a new fan. Really really new fan. So, I'm enjoying what I have now. Thankyou :)

Screenshot-ing while watching ENGINE
Hi!Hi! Wait. Why was I here again? Oh yes. Wanting to share my screenshot :P

About what? The drama I've just finished. I know that drama is kinda old, and i started watching it after downloading it from doramax264. I gave myself a break since i just ended my finals today but the major one is coming in A WEEK. That's bad. One week for what I learned in 4 months. But, who cares? Who can be studying and getting those stupid stuff into your brain right after ending one exam?! Comon. Normal people needs a break. Those genius are whatever you call doesn't count.

So....don't you think this looks like someone?

(Engine - 11.mkv)[]

No? Yes? Maybe?

It's DAICHAN!! Yes! That ARIOKA DAIKI Guy. lol

Here's a few screenshot of Sonobe ToruCollapse )

And then there we have Mr. Nakajima Yuto acting as one of the child too.

Here you goCollapse )

I found it quite nice after all. Haha.

That's all for it. Byebye :D

this is totally a COMPLAIN post
  Yes. This will be a totally long and annoying complaining post. Why??

  Continue to read on and you'll find out soon....(If you think you are not interested, just ignore)

  Okay. So here goes the story. People thinks that I'm studying in Taiwan that makes me a better life than studying in Malaysia. Actually, NO. People thinks that it's easier for me when I'm trying so hard to lead a life here pisses me off. I'm not talking about those friend that i used to know them through net, for example JUMP fans or AARON fans, but those people how are communicating with me in the real life, for example relatives and schoolmates. It's fine asking me about how's life, how are you doing there and so on, but do you know that I hate it a lot when you ask me about how's the feeling of going around Taiwan? I DID NOT get the chance to go around Taiwan. What I do is just stay in a school which is located in Taiwan and study the whole day long. I'm doing nothing more than that. I wish I could go around Taiwan too. I'm not trying to be arrogant after getting a chance to study abroad, but I just got so pissed off ever since this kind of stupid question got more and more. Since I have to consider everybody's situation, fine. You are not whoever to me so you don't know what I'm thinking and how I feel, so i'll just forget about it. Actually I don't mind people asking a little about what I'm doing now and how is it since they don't get the chance, especially those new friends I had known lately from different countries all around the world just because they love JUMP xD
  But when there's these people who totally ignored you when you need help and come asking you a bunch of question after they knew you were studying abroad, how do you feel? I don't really mind if you seriously need a little help bringing  back something from Taiwan, dude, just tell me! Stop going a big around pretending that you care about me that much when you don't. And I know you seriously DON'T. Just get to the point what do you want!

  That's point one. Point two. Stop thinking that only rich people study abroad! I ain't rich, and so does my family. My family is supporting me, yes, and I have a younger brother plus a younger sister at home. I'm not a single child and don't expect my parents are putting full strength on just take caring about my stuff. They too have life and more stuff to take care. I think I mentioned about this in another post before. People going on vacation overseas or places with beautiful scenery twice or more in a year with their family, coming by to tell you how they admired you for having a chance to study abroad. Hey, this is my first time on the airplane going overseas, so just shut up and go where ever you want when it comes to the time you should be having a vacation with your family. So I'll just skip the nonsense for this part.

  Point three. I don't have a time machine. Don't make me tell you where I'm going to be or which career I'm going to work on in the future. I just don't have a specific idea what should I be doing, that's why I'm here. I just tend to hate life in Malaysia, feels rotting like a meat and be a brat at home. Seriously, I have no idea what is it up till now, so don't expect me to know the future. Anything in the future can change. Anything can be existing on the way there and then. I'm counting on everything what I'm doing now to bring me to my future.

  So, I hope I'll have a bright future. I don't need a fantasy one, just a normal one will do. As long as I feel good about doing everything in life then it's okay :P

  Okay. I'm done with the complaining.

  Here's something off topic. IT'S ABOUT JUMP! YAY~! HOORAY~! XDDD

  JUMP is releasing their 10th single soon ne? Unfortunately, I have major exams coming. In order to concentrate and prevent me from wasting time, I'm gonna lessen my time on net. So, see you soon after my exams. Byebye :D

Daiki lockscreen :D
hey~~~!! :D
i'm here again!

guess what? i'm here to show off again! :P
NO LAH. i've spent some time to customize my screen locker.
and i know it's obvious that I LOVE DAIKI and i'm a DAIKI BIAS xDDD

Tadaa!!Collapse )

so...any comments?
hope you'll have some comments. anything will do :)

thankyou! <3

Dreams Came True :)
    I happened to be studying in Taiwan. I'm from Malaysia. If you read my intro, you'll know. It wasn't a big deal to study in Taiwan. Well...at least now it isn't. I admit that before this and when i just reached Taiwan, it WAS a big deal. And obviously I knew that there's a lot of people out there wanted to study abroad so much too. It was a dream of mine to come to Taiwan. I told myself, I'm not going to be greedy and I won't. Just a day in Taiwan and I'll be happy enough because I fulfilled a dream that I had since a few years ago. But I turned out to be greedy, like normal human beings. Greediness is a part of human. Everybody is naturally born with greediness. If you don't control your greediness, it'll take control of you. Okay, back to the point. Due to my greediness, I wanted to study in Taiwan. But, that was just so impossible for me so i made it a dream. Everything stared with, I have a Taiwanese idol, and I started loving him so much until I took interest in everything related to him, including Taiwan. He's Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit.

    I  got here so easily, I meant the process. It only took me a few steps to be here. First, I'm studying in a Malay school. Not being racist, since it's a Malay school, half the school are Malays. But, Chinese isn't a small race. I can say, there's quite a lot of Chinese in my school too, but mostly 'banana'. So, taking Chinese as one of the subject for major exams wasn't a big deal to them. Chinese became something unpopular, and it turn out that I LOVE Chinese so much! Students are like friends to teacher when we're having Chinese class. We chat a bit but we still learn. There's this Chinese teacher, Pn. Lau, knew i love Chinese and wanted to study abroad at Taiwan. She told me that I have a few senior studying in Taiwan. They are just like me, graduating from this school and went there together to further their studies. She told me to ask the details from the seniors and told me about the applications on how to get there. I feel honored to have a teacher like that. The seniors are helping out a lot too. Telling me details about how to survive there. I sent in the application and got admitted. I hand in the requested documents and the other process are handled by the organization.

    It wasn't spending much. At least, not as much I'll be spending in Malaysia. That's according to some budget figures I have. At first my parents doesn't agree with what i was thinking, but they didn't have a better solution. So they agreed. I'm totally loss and confused about what I should be studying or do in the future. I have TOTALLY no idea.  So I took this opportunity to find out what awaits me in the future. And HERE I AM :)

    Now, I've achieved a little dream. And, I've understood that dream is always a dream, but it CAN be achieved. As long as you have the luck, and you tried hard enough. It's a target that I've reached. So, I'm setting a new target, a new dream. Humans are greedy, they are always going for more, they never stop, and they are never satisfied with what they have BUT this will bring a person further. The results depend on whether the good way or the bad way that you are going. Please choose the good way if you are going to be greedy. Bring yourself further, improve yourself and set up a target. That's the important part.

    After Taiwan, my next target is Japan. You knew the reason, am I right? Yes, it's about my idol AGAIN. If you know Hey!Say!JUMP, you are wonderful! Because HEY!SAY!JUMP IS WONDERFUL! :D  BUT! What's going to be different is, I got here easy and I'm not going to be in Japan this easy too. I'm going to work hard, push hard and get myself a ticket to Japan! :) Here comes my greediness again. I'm not going to just have a little stay or take a little tour there. I'm going to stay there and spend a part of my life there. THAT'S MY NEW TARGET!

    So...EVERYBODY, please wish me GOOD LUCK and DREAMS COME TRUE.

//Dreams Come True=a song of Hey!Say!JUMP :P//

Hello!! :D

Why am I here again? Nahhh. Nothing much. Just to shown off that DAIKI went into my dreams AGAIN!! :P

Okaaaay. I'll start off with the first time DAIKI went into my dreams. Just about...3days ago? I was having a very tense day about exams. So i fell asleep when i was studying. When i woke up, I felt very happy and I didnt have a reason for it. After thinking for a few minutes, I realise that I WAS JUST DREAMING ABOUT DAIKI! Interested with the story? hmmm....okay. I'll tell. But honestly, my memory about the whole story wasn't clear.

i just remember that i went out with daiki on a date. kyaaaa~~~!! ITS A DATE!! So yeah, daiki hold my hands and....I didnt remember a thing other than that. LOL. Oh! Oh! We were about to have dinner at a restaurant i think. Haha. That feeling was like...ahhh!! So solid. I really feel that I'm holding onto something that really exist! But, yes. I came back straight away to the reality and realise that it was a dream when darkness totally filled-up my vision and what i see are books! Books opened wide up and reminding me that i haven't finish what i was suppose to be studying....awhhhhhhh~~!!

Okay. Okay. Let's start the second story about DAIKI went into my dreams for the second time. It just happened last night. It was a short one. This one i could remember a little clearer. Haha. Okaaay. The story goes like this. I was on my way to tuition and I saw Daiki at the corner right beside the tuition centre. So i went over to said hi and surprisingly Inoo-chan was there!!! Haha. So i said hi to both and i told them im in a rush to tuition. I'm late. But I managed to ask them a few question before I did that. I think they were there because one of their friends wanted to bring them to try out something good for lunch. So they were waiting outside the restaurant and I SAW THEM!! xDD

I think that's enough for the showing off :P

Saaa. Looks like it's time for bed. So I'm hoping to meet daiki in my dreams again tonight :D

Jaa. Oyasumi <3

VERMONT CURRY in the market!!
hi :D

i've finished my mid term exam today. so i kinda went shopping with my room-mates. and...
look what i found?

VERMONT CURRY but there's no JUMP on it! argh!!

anyways. it's okay. i think i saw it everywhere. i cant cook in my hostel. so there's no point getting one too. LOL



im gonna get one and try it if i have a place to cook.

thats all for today.

buhbye :D

JUMP addiction on exam period. OH NO!

eh? i haven been posting for a month?
yes. busy school life is killing me. and why m i here when my busy school life is still on?
the answer to this question is: although it's exam period but i found something so interesting!!!
i've keep my laptop on for the whole day long. bcuz i need to download JUMP performance that's totally nowhere to be found but someone just uploaded it.

here. let me show you my progress at the moment xD
Baidu IME_2013-5-18_9-19-8

pardon? you are interested too? okaaay. i'll show you where to do it :)

HERE at flcy's journal. this is only how far i can lead you. READ HER RULES before you are going too far!

and lastly. here's some good news!

my busy school life is coming to an end! well...before that. that's tons of exams.

soooo.....WISH ME GOOD LUCK! xD

byebye <3


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